happy 6 year RUNNAVERSARY to me!

6 years! 6 freaking years running. How many total miles have I run? Don't know. It's got to be around 4,000 maybe? How many pairs of shoes have I gone through? Don't know. It's got to be around 10 pairs maybe? I do know that I have run 16, no 17. No, 18....crap. I don't even know how many half marathons I've run. 3 Full marathons. That, is a fact. Big Sur April 2015, LA Marathon February 2016, Mesa - Phoenix February 2017.

I'm forever grateful for my first mile. Over the years, I've run for me. I've run for others. I've raised awareness. I've met some pretty freaking UNBELIEVABLE people & I just can't thank myself enough for taking the first step 6 years ago.

I am who I am today because of running. RUNNING IS AWESOME.

How long have you been running?